Welcome to Republican Liberty Party



For quite long, this Party has been the lone, but very strong voice for the principles of limited government, free enterprise and individual liberty within its members. The Party talks about these values, whereby it has taken the lead in promoting candidates in all national and county elective positions as well as draft and submit bills to parliament designed to be enacted to promote democracy.

Founded on the principle of less government influence means more liberty and working through local and Africa chapters and that  the Party opposes excesses in the African governments and in return demand accountability to the people and adherence to the rule of law.


The Republican Liberty Party is a democratic collectivist entity and proud to be identified with the ideology. The ultimate purpose locally is the establishment of a democratic collectivism society in Africa; which shall entail free, democratic, efficient, progressive and public spirited, whose material resources are organized to service the African people. Democratic Collectivism promotes human rights, fundamental rights, gender equality and equity.  It appreciates the objects, principles and adherence for the rule of law.

The Party roots for the protection of the traditional African family morals and values.

The Party Manifesto

We aim to carry out green revolution in agriculture and animal husbandry to gain food security

Giving support to the counties to enable them develop capacity to harness their comparative advantages.

Empowerment and full potential utilization of the youth, by creating conducive economic environment.

Cultivate and develop foreign policies influenced by domestic considerations and favourable geopolitics.