With a land mass of more than eighty two percent arid and semi-arid areas that are free from diseases, it is irrational to import most of food products for domestic consumption.

It is therefore the Party’s basic goal to carry out green revolution in agriculture and animal husbandry to gain food security to increase and ensure the stability of farmers’ revenues, and also produce quality surplus for the export market.

The Party will make it possible through State subsidies and use of modern technology to reduce costs and ensure that there is high quality inputs that increase productivity in all agricultural producing counties. There is surging global demand for food and biogas; farmers therefore must be encouraged to embrace new technology to grow high yields using economical means. There shall be need to support Exporters to supply the agricultural, livestock and fisheries products to world markets.

The Party strongly advocates for the return of indigenous and more nutritious food crops; it also endeavors to promote the cultivation and consumption of these crops, and explore ways to commercialize them.

Farmers experience losses in food harvesting and storage due to poor harvesting techniques and lack of storage. Their farm products waste because they cannot get their products sold to other parts of the country even when such other regions are experiencing acute shortages. The Party’s endeavor is the use of modern farming technology to intervene and rectify such situations by providing government sponsored services to agriculturally rich counties.