The Party endeavors to have the central government collaborate and work with the county governments to help them build the capacity they require to take off. To realize this, the Party will ensure that the revenue allocated to counties is treated as developmental fund. All recurrent expenditure that cannot be catered for by a county from the revenues it raises locally will be charged on the National Government.

To boost local, regional and international trade for grassroots producers the Party will help identify local regional and international markets and link them to local producers in counties as a way of boosting the viability of the regions. This will require the central government giving support to the regions to enable them to develop the capacity to harness their comparative advantages.

To boost capacities of the regions, the party will make use of the abundant manpower to develop projects such as large scale commercial tree planting, dams for rainwater harvesting, and reclaiming despoiled lands. Such undertakings can be joint projects with other countries.
To address spatial regional imbalances, the Party will develop all counties to have them in the same level with those already thriving, through special incentives given to industries relocated to or to establish branches in counties.
To spur and monitor wealth and job creation, growth, and prosperity, the Party will establish a county Development Data Bank.