The Party’s programmes focuses on education as the pivotal element of development since human capital allows competitiveness in every sector. The nature of skills would be research oriented as a link to employment needs and job creation ventures. Thus, the Party will initiate a radical reform movement in education for mass education and strive to provide compulsory funded quality education from primary to secondary levels. Capacities and facilities of public schools will eliminate glaring inequalities and therefore improve the quality of public schools and their technological capabilities developed.

Educational concept shall be developed to impart participatory habits, in the processes of decision making and analysis.

The Party policy is to give bursaries and education loans scaled and managed on the basis of priority to the needy students. This will be possible by having it well managed to serve its purpose and reach every corner of nation.

Middle-level institutes of education shall be expanded to provide the skills required for industrialization. Universities shall be encouraged to initiate joint projects with county governments, chambers of commerce, and entrepreneurs. The Party endeavors to reform higher education to address the need to have universities that distinguish themselves as bastions of science, technology and innovation.

The Party will recognize the education policy bent towards the development of an inclusive system that rewards not just the academic abilities of learners, but also talents, including sports, music and the fine arts.