Foreign Policy

The Party shall cultivate and develop foreign policy influenced by adherence to domestic considerations, policies or behaviour of other states and plans to advance specific geopolitical designs.

The Party’s principles on foreign policy shall be based on the following: mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, non-aggression, non-interference in the domestic affairs of other nations, equality and mutual benefit, Peaceful co-existence. Observance of international law will be encouraged to form part of the basic policy.

The Party will advocate for the foreign policy for the protection, unity and integrity of this country. The major focus shall be to ensure country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty to secure all its waters and terrains. Correct survey maps for territorial boundaries along the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria issued by foreign countries and agencies should make appropriate amendments to align with the existing ones.

The Party shall bind itself to the foreign policy which caters for the interests of its citizens. It will be government’s duty to mind interests of citizens while negotiating bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. Its primary interest will be to cultivate a culture of self-preservation and wellbeing of citizens.

The major goals of this foreign policy shall be the promotion of economic Progress for the nation. Therefore any treaties and agreements already concluded with other states will be re-drafted as well draft new ones in a way to protect and promote economic interests of this country.

The interests of citizens living beyond the borders shall form part of the basic protection measures for foreign policy. Measures to curb issues such as racial discrimination and harassment of citizens in other countries to protect the dignity and sentiments of citizens throughout the world will be entrenched in treaties with other nations.

In order to enhance economic and technological cooperation with all other nations with a view to promote the country’s interests the foreign policy shall pursue contacts, develop good relations and establish diplomatic relations with them. This will create its sphere of influence and good will in those countries. However, diplomatic cut off with a particular country on issues of ideology or national interest will also be part of this country’s foreign policy.