Health provision is a fundamental right extended to all citizens. The Party policy therefore is for the provision of quality and affordable health services. It is the Party policy to have provision of basic health services to everyone and ensure that lifesaving treatment is available to the masses. This shall be done by having an effective and quality public health system which will be crucial for a productive population. Social protection shall be spread to cover the entire population.

Necessary measures regarding the health of the population and the environment will be taken by ensuring that Health workers and Nutritionists are deployed at the village levels.

Regular awareness campaigns shall be carried out to enlighten the population on ways to manage and prevent communicable and incommunicable terminal diseases such as cancer, HIV/Aids, diabetes, high blood pressure, TB and heart illnesses, and eventually reduce injuries due to traffic at workplace accidents and acts of neglect.

It is the Party policy to work hard towards eradicating malaria and other communicable diseases by improving the quality of public medical facilities and healthcare. This will be open to volunteer agencies and the private sector to contribute their in-put.

Appropriate measures to bring the rate of mother and child mortality rate at below the WHO standards and also to ensure that no mother should die when giving birth shall be taken. Awareness creating information shall be provided to achieve family planning targets

An efficient general health care insurance system to cover all our citizens shall be adopted.