Infrastructure Challenges

Infrastructure constraints are responsible for the productivity handicaps faced by stakeholders. Transport and ICT need urgent upgrading for the development of all sectors. To upgrade infrastructural facilities like roads, sea and airports one is likely to encounter political problems rather than technical barriers whereby there is lack of political will.

There is need to meet the growing demand of affordable and reliable power supply for adequate and stable energy which is imperative in the economic development of a country. The Party’s energy policy stands for ensuring affordability, reliability and sustainability energy supply by protecting the national and international interests, which is basic for creating an energy market based on competition and protecting the environment and human health.

The Party considers the abundant availability of competitively priced clean and stable electricity to be among the major infrastructure requirement of an investment environment conducive in the current global village. Countries with expensive and unreliable electricity are not attractive top manufacturers because of higher production costs. The Party will subsidize electricity whereby to bring down production costs and to increase productivity that will in turn increase tax and revenue bases.

The Party policy endeavours to supply all the energy required by the economy consistently and inexpensively, and to avoid depending on a single source which is rainfall.