Natural Resources & Environment

Environmental issues costs this country’s haphazard industrialization and poor farming methods deeply affecting national welfare. To achieve sustainable development care must be taken to keep environmental cots at a minimum. The natural environment is the set of living and non-living things on Earth which occur in a state substantially not influenced by humans. This applies to an ecological complex, which includes all of the plants; animals; microorganisms; biotic factors such as minerals; rocks and magma; water bodies; and atmosphere layers.

There are extremely complex interactions between the living organisms and biotic elements as well as meteorological influences, all of which combine to form rich speciation and biodiversity in most natural systems. Exceptions to this species richness are in extreme conditions of pH, temperature and deep ocean conditions, where only a limited number of biological species are able to survive as a result of specialized adaptations to these difficult environments.

In contrast to the natural environment is the built environment where human intervention has fundamentally transformed landscapes, this include urban settings and agricultural land conversion. The natural environment is greatly modified and diminished, with simplified human environment largely replacing it. Activities which are less extreme such as hydroelectric dam construction, or solar array construction in the desert, the natural environment is substantially altered. All such concerns shall be addressed by the Party.

The Party will undertake stringent measures such as; restricting the accumulation of harmful wastes, from its own production or imported. No development or production model polluting the environment irreversibly shall be allowed. The Party shall come up with measures to curb the rate of pollution and therefore be minimized by controlling and purifying industrial wastes. Traditional; environmental; conservation cultures of the Africans shall be utilized in searching for solutions to environmental challenges.

The Party shall pursue its radical reforestation policy to raise the forest cover from less than 0.01% too more than 50%. Since environmental problems occur at the local level, the importance of local administrations is great in the creation and implementation of environmental policies with the involvement and participation of the people. To enable this, environmental management system based on county governments shall be developed.

The party will encourage the recycling of industrial of waste material into a rewarding enterprise. In all counties and urban centers it will be a requirement for individuals to be responsible in the disposal of solid wastes. It will therefore entrust responsibilities to the locals and the authorities to facilitate recycling and the development of products like organic fertilizer and biogas.

The Party will allow good mining methods to facilitate competitive harnessing of mineral resources. This will include remapping mineral resources and attracting investors, so that full value addition /processing can be done. This will change the policy whereby raw minerals are exported, and later to import the same products after processing. Good policies will be put in place to make sure that the affected local communities benefit directly from the exploration and extraction of minerals in their areas.