Party History

Republican Liberty Party started as a movement in the mid 1960s at Arthens Greece headed by Dr. Lihanda Savai. It was established as a party in the second Liberation and registered as a party championing the real democracy and liberty in  Africa. The party founders were Dr. Lihanda Savai, Julius nganaga Kiarie, Prof Janet Mudola Elisha, Zachariah Momanyi Mathayo, Joseph Ongubo Motari and Edward Onwong’a Nyakeriga. The party was originally registered under society act as Kenya  Republican Reformation Party later it changed into Republican Liberty Party in 1994.

The party has introduced two bills in the parliament of Kenya and some petitions like Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Post election violence Bill and Money petition.

The party strongly believes in African family values, Pan Africanism and Democratic Collectivism.

The 2002 General Elections

The Party presidential candidate was Dr. Lihanda Savai.  He went to submit his nomination papers to the Electrol body (ECK) but was turned away by the then chairman. Majority of members and supporters felt /read malice in what ECK cited as the reason for failing to clear the candidacy of the party’s flag bearer. To the  supporters the chaimans’s action was premised on petty and malicious reasons.

Also Zachariah Momanyi Mathayo presented his papers for presidency in November 2007 and was turned away by the same chairman then the party opted to form a coalition with PNU which was among the twenty one political parties in 2008