Party Ideology

The Party anchors on philosophic, idealogical political, religious, economic, or social outlook that emphasizes the interdependence of people; such that everything is produced by society, so that everybody is controlled by society.
The Party’s orientation stresses the importance of cohesion of social groups and group goals over individual goals whose focus is on community, nation and the bigger society.

The emphasis is on a Society built on working together without government control and centralization. Such that the primary means are with the people towards achieving true freedom and justice. It therefore implies that the less power the government has, the more empowered the people -WELFARE STATE.

The Democratic collectivism ideology implies that groups of ordinary people typically own the means of production and that private property is tolerated so long as it serves the State. The same emphasis collective decision-making among equal individuals, and is thus usually based on decentralization.
The Party advocates that each individual is more or less equal. It is however worth to note that equality does not mean an equal amount but equal opportunity to access resources. Equality is about equal opportunity to satisfy people that constitute the greatest possible variety of activity and development. It is therefore an inherent feature of human nature and the foundation of world peace.

The Party adheres to Democratic Collectivism and therefore stifles all ideologies by insisting upon a common social identity, of nationalism. THE IDEALOGY BINDS ALL PARTY MEMBERS AND IT’S SUPPORTERS AROUND THE WORLD.