The Youth

Like any other country in the world the youth form the largest population percentage. Incidentally most of these youths are unemployed due their lack of the required skills and expertise on any available jobs.

Being unemployed under societal dependence can easily lead to crimes and social unrest in the country. The unemployed youth in other countries have been radicalized and joined terrorist organizations. If utilized correctly however, it can also become the engine for industrialization and development.

For the country’s development, the Party will ensure the full utilization potentials in the youth by creating jobs to employ them as the economy thrives. The trained youths and those with entrepreneurial skilled will be facilitated to set up businesses and put up cottage industries. They shall be made to receive quality education and skills to make them marketable to compete for international jobs and will be encouraged to participate in governing processes in every sector. Establish libraries to reinforce reading habit.

Encourage youth to participate in scientific work, artistic and cultural activities.

The Party shall facilitate the promotion and identification of qualified personnel to for various talents, sports and allow them to participate in social activities and the participation of international contests.

The Party will take necessary steps and precaution against broadcasts pertaining to alcohol, drugs, violence and pornography, which negatively affect youth.