Republican Liberty Party is a multi-issue, multi-strategy Political Institution that takes a holistic approach to women’s concerns and rights with wings in continental Africa and Diaspora. The Party’s priorities are winning economic equality, equity, political and social rights for women. This will guarantee equal rights to champion reproductive freedom and other health issues; including opposing racism; fighting bigotry against women and ending violence of any nature.

The Party affirms reproductive rights as major issues of life for women and not optional as a choice for any state or government. The Party fully supports access to safe and legal reproductive health for a healthy family. Any attempt to restrict these rights through legislation, regulation or Constitutional amendment is resisted.

The Party advocates for wide range of economic empowerment and justice for women, from the glass ceiling to the sticky floor of poverty. These include welfare reform, livable wages, job discrimination, pay equity, housing, social security and pension reform.

The Party’s approach to the issue of violence against women is unique, emphasizing that there are many inter-related aspects to issues such as domestic violence; sexual assault and harassment. The notable degree of violence at clinics; hate crimes across lines of gender, sexuality and race; the gender bias in society that further victimizes survivors of violence; and the violence due to poverty emphasized by the radical right’s attacks on poor women and children; all of which result from society’s attitudes toward women and efforts to “keep women in their place.”

The Party does not condon discrimination of any kind, hence condemning racism that inflicts a double burden of race and sex discrimination on women of color. Seeing human rights as indivisible committed to identifying and fighting against those barriers to equality and any kind of injustice that are imposed by racism. The party has consistently indulged in the struggle for civil rights since its inception in 1994. The Party remains committed to diversifying resolute priorities in the movement continuously fighting for equal opportunities for women of color in all areas including employment, education and reproductive rights. The Party’s Combating Racism Committee is working to encourage growth at all levels within multiracial task forces to bring the vice to its conclusive end.

Equality in pay, job opportunities, political structure, social security and education will remain an elusive dream without a guarantee of equality practical implementation. The progress made and which must continue towards women’s equality can be lost at any time because those advances depend on legislation that can be (and has been) weakened or repealed by parliaments. Although it was not possible to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment within the African Union Statutes, winning a constitutional guarantee of equality for women; still remains the Party’s top priority whereby the Party is lobbying African governments to enact and adopt this.

Women’s Empowerment is central to a progressive society. Women experience loss of self-esteem, confidence and identity in job-seeking long to rejoin their community, as the Party’s program providing support and empowerment necessary for them to rebuild their lives by:
• Individual, one-on-one counseling and support from social workers
• Career mentoring
• Anger management classes
• Parenting Enrichment groups
• Domestic and family violence counseling
• Assistance with housing, health and legal resources
• A life-time support network and community.
The Party holds a believe that each woman can be the author and hero of her own destiny. While she can enroll to become job-ready and financially independent, what the woman reclaims is her dignity, inner strength and a place in society. The empowered voice becomes the author of the future, rather than the victim of a past. Most importantly, the woman regains something life-changing and vital: her hope.

Women and children are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. The Party advocates for self-reliance as the best long-term solution for each woman to achieve against this shocking reality. Employment is often the critical missing piece for many homeless women trying to get back on their feet. The Party’s program helps women re-enter the workforce because it is known that a job is more than a paycheck. Jobs provide stability, safety and health for women and their children. Therefore, it is imperative that, instead of giving out fish; it is more beneficial to teach one to fish for the prosperity of the nation for generations.